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MantisThis is the Mantis Society's Philosophy section. This is an independent understanding of god unassociated with an other religion.

His Eminence, Mantis, has been teaching his understanding of god since 1980. He has dealt with people from all walks of life, as his teachings discuss.
It is our hope that these words will help you understand yourself and the world around you. The messages will gain more detail as Mantis finds the need for further explanation of a topic.
Please use these links and pass on the wisdom to others.
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What is god?

In the world of understanding which we seek to attain we have always had one major question, what is god?
I have always known that god is, and can only be, one thing - The Universe!
We know that everything is a single entity with subsections which operate independently. That is to say that much like the different organs in our bodies, each creature on this planet is a component of a greater being. We are all connected with each other through a web of electro-magnetic energy, much like the planets are to the sun.
Size, like time, is relative. What is large to us is minute to our stars. They are living creatures themselves, just like out planets. We are to Earth what an atom is to us and so on.
Everything has its own place in a greater circle of life. It is possible to have dead planets and stars just as we have galaxies being born and dying. All life exists in this cycle.
In this context we have the fact that the master of all life is the Universe itself. All is created from it and is a component which contributes to its existence. Therefore, we are all the children of god, just slightly removed in layers of life forms. These layers are the galaxies, solar systems and planets. Each circle has a different relation to time and size judgment.
Any questions?
Live, Love, Learn

Thank you for your interest and may god protect you.
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