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MantisThis is the Mantis Society's Philosophy section. This is an independent understanding of god unassociated with an other religion.

His Eminence, Mantis, has been teaching his understanding of god since 1980. He has dealt with people from all walks of life, as his teachings discuss.
It is our hope that these words will help you understand yourself and the world around you. The messages will gain more detail as Mantis finds the need for further explanation of a topic.
Please use these links and pass on the wisdom to others.
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I realize in trying times like these one would wish some comforting words. They do not exist!
The repercussions of the actions of humanity are the design of god. The complacency of humanity to allow the status quo shall be divined upon them in their own punishment. These are the yin for your yang.
For those who do not live within the status quo, your struggle to enlighten the remainder has yet to take hold, please continue to attempt any form of reasonable education for those blind to the realities of their actions, or inactions.

Thank you for your interest and may god protect you.
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