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MantisThis is the Mantis Society's Philosophy section. This is an independent understanding of god unassociated with an other religion.

His Eminence, Mantis, has been teaching his understanding of god since 1980. He has dealt with people from all walks of life, as his teachings discuss.
It is our hope that these words will help you understand yourself and the world around you. The messages will gain more detail as Mantis finds the need for further explanation of a topic.
Please use these links and pass on the wisdom to others.
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It is the right of every person to live in Peace. Those that decide to eliminate this right from our world are the agents of the self-serving evil which exists among humanity.
Now, the crux of the situation is thus, if god is all power - how can evil exist? God likes challenges! The ability to make the choice of your final path is given by god. The options to get there are given by god. god allows evil. Thus, life has purpose.
If life didn't have adversity then there would be no need to advance. Through the challenges of life we find the ability to adjust our environment to our needs.
Within this, god does not advocate sin, merely allows the choice, with full awareness of repercussions, to be ours.
Those that choose to live in the Sin of Greed shall spend their death in the just and promised place for them. The others shall enjoy the freedom of exploration and rebirth options.
Thank you for your interest and may god protect you.
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