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MantisThis is the Mantis Society's Philosophy section. This is an independent understanding of god unassociated with an other religion.

His Eminence, Mantis, has been teaching his understanding of god since 1980. He has dealt with people from all walks of life, as his teachings discuss.
It is our hope that these words will help you understand yourself and the world around you. The messages will gain more detail as Mantis finds the need for further explanation of a topic.
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God and Humanity

In the beginning...
How do you beat an opening line like that? Maybe with a rational theory on the origins of life. For this theory one must gain insight into the first particle of matter that formed in the new universe. The origin of this matter, coming from pure energy (which is very hard to find, for a human) into the basic components that formed the sub particles that created the base particles that constituted the next level that became what we may know as a piece of a piece of a particle!
Now, are you confused? If basic English explaining the structure of the atom is so difficult to understand, how can you start a book of myths with "In the beginning..." and expect a rational mind to believe you know what you are talking about?
As this matter formed in its progressive levels of structure, it did so in a definite pattern. This, by basic logic, means it was created by something. This formation of matter (the sub-structure of life, or life at a level not yet fully understood by primitive humans) was so completely designed that it carried all the future information of the Universe. DNA was a component of this original pattern. DNA, in itself, is the same structure in all life, plant or animal. The difference is the components that are turned on in each creature (which genes are active).
The mere fact that this Atomic Structure exists is proof that god exists. The complexity of this structure is such that it did not occur it was formed. Anyone have any questions?
God need not pass judgment upon an individual soul; they commit themselves to their own fate. This can be understood through the concept of ones life passing before their eyes in moments of near death. This is the truth of your actions being brought before you to assist in the decision of your future existence.

Thank you for your interest and may god protect you.
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