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MantisThis is the Mantis Society's Philosophy section. This is an independent understanding of god unassociated with an other religion.

His Eminence, Mantis, has been teaching his understanding of god since 1980. He has dealt with people from all walks of life, as his teachings discuss.
It is our hope that these words will help you understand yourself and the world around you. The messages will gain more detail as Mantis finds the need for further explanation of a topic.
Please use these links and pass on the wisdom to others.
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The key to love is the ability to know that it does exist! Once you find the one you love, and they, in turn, love you, then you have the foundation for a great life. God did not discriminate in this fact. God created a natural control to overpopulation, the fact that not everyone would be heterosexual.
Homosexuality, be it male or female, is natural. Within this, there are bi-sexual, this is more prevalent with females, since they require a more meaningful and diverse emotional support group. All of this goes to the point that Love is the key. In any relationship involving any sexual activity, only Love with make it blessed. Beyond this, intercourse means automatic marriage in the laws of god. Any adultery is a sin of condemnation.
Although it is not sin or adultery if you are in Love, you take the responsibility of your actions. Polygamy is a factor of godís plan. Man is the least needed component of life. Very few of them are even capable of Love. For this reason, those that are, are able to love that much more!
We must understand why Love is so important in a relationship. If you must spend 50 years with someone, raise children and care for each other, this requires great commitment and Love. Your children become human over years. You are only born a homosapien, to be a human being requires a certain level of operational commitment. You must act within a set of parameters to be considered human.
To Love is a concept that has been debated for the history of civilized humans. In my opinion, Love is a factor of the emotional/spiritual component of life. It is not a physical trait. Those that equate these feelings as the same do so with impure motives.
One of the hardest emotions to explain is Love.
Since the dawn of Humanity we have asked the question, "What is Love?"
The answer has eluded many, yet it still exists.
To me there is a myriad of interrelated answers. This walks hand in hand with the different types of Love we have. You can Love you parents, yet both equally. You can Love your Children, without diminishment by number. You can Love your friends and neighbors. The key to this becomes, "What is Love - with my Lover?"
I believe in Polygamy. I believe that a man may find more than one person that they will fall in Love with. I, also, believe that women are different from men, while still equal, in that the need to be In Love with one man, for various reasons, precludes there need to find multiple men.
We enter into a great degree of 'What if's' in this scenario.
I will separate the subject of "In Love" from Love. The reason is simple, you may Love your child, religion, parents, etc, but the factor of a mate is dramatically different.
Not everyone is heterosexual, nor meant to be, but all need the same thing. Not everyone will find the Love of their life, unfortunately. Yet, within those that meet this level of luck, if one would think of finding that special someone in a world of billions lucky, you must understand that this goes far beyond the simple physical pleasures. You must, also, understand that just because you love someone, they aren't required to Love you back. This is the hardest part of life. You find the "Perfect" person, in your eyes, yet they have no idea that you are their vision of perfection. That is life. You may be the object of anotherís affection, yet never have even noticed they look. Fear is a great contributor to this. Society places such a great pressure upon us to commit to a lasting relationship that it may seem unlikely that any one ever does. I was just reminded that my God-Parents were married for 10 days less than 51 years when my God-Father passed away.
Things like this give hope. I seem to be going nowhere, yet, here I am. All the points of life seem unconnected, but are one. Since all life is one, connected by the energy of the Universe, we each affect all that exists. In this, our common energy melds together. We may become independent in ability to function, yet are still only an organ of the greater being of life.
Now, all of this said, to be In Love...
I Love many things, life among them. I have many friends that I Love, yet have never found the one that I am truly meant to be with, if theirs to be only one.
The physical aspect first attracts us, yet this cannot deliver us to Love. There is a triad of factors: Physical Attraction Emotional Attraction and Intellectual Attraction. When these three points are combined, which will happen in many combinations, to the maximum of all, we may have found the one. The next question is "is this feeling returned?"
Regardless of our philosophy or nationality, this is the most common problem in the world.
How will I know when I'm "In Love"?
You will know when you are In Love, when you are In Love! This is a bad answer, but the truest one to be given. When you are In Love there is a connection deep in your soul. This is something you know like you know how to breathe.
One must always think about all that your mind does everyday, without you even realizing it. You constantly monitor every function and cell in your body, recording this data in your deep mind. This knowledge is not generally made known to the conscious state, for it is routine information. Yet, you have the ability, with proper training, to search the files of your memory and find all this knowledge.
Now back to the subject. An old saying about Love is, "Your toes will curl!" This expression may or may not be physically true, but the essence of the thought is true, your body will react, especially if you fight it.
Why must we be in Love before making Love?
Each action of our lives contains certain actual events. One may know the saying, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, yet the understanding is not usually associated with things other than basic physics. Anything that has to do with energy is physics, though.
Since matter is made of energy, not the other way around, everything is going to have a reaction. This may be as hard to place as the need for one life form to live off another (all life is parasitic). If we commit certain actions, we create other actions. Life is just a reaction after all.
Therefore, when we violate the law that nature has designed for our existence, we must deal with the repercussions. If these are disease, so be it.
As we evolve, so do our abilities and limitations. One example is obesity, this is a sin in many standings. It is gluttony, and the physical repercussion is multiple; heart disease, bone stress, etc. all of which may result in death.
Back to love, our repercussions for careless self-indulgence may be as extreme as HIV or as minor as Mono, yet the repercussion are real. This is natures system of checks and balances.
In ancient times, before medicine was developed into a science, the results of individuals, which lived precarious lifestyles, were seen and taken as divine punishment, but the specifics of these events were not really understood. As one sees how they interconnect, one gains greater belief in the warnings of nature.
To be In Love, regardless of sexual orientation, is the same. One feels a surreal connection to their new partner. This is a component of the Electromagnetic field, which we are all a part of.
Certain variables exist within this field, the most commonly known is called the aura (a luminous radiation).
When two aura's join the energy becomes one for a moment. This is the surge of energy that your deep sub-conscious grasps.
Within the arena of Love, the prior messages may appear out of context. The fact is, they show, through example, the complexities one must deal with in understanding nature.
Love is the strongest and most dangerous emotion of humanity. It is also the least understood. Yet it is quite simple.
Relax and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and think about each person in your life. Take your time in this exercise.
As you think about each person, you will gain the true emotion of that relationship. If you were to be observed under an MRI, you would gain the physical evidence of your emotions. What do you really feel?
You get goose bumps and accelerated heart rate when thinking about certain individuals. These are generally those you have attraction for. (Yes, simple logic) The question remains, what do they feel for you, and why?
No one is obligated to return Love. As stated before, many will Love you that you have no feeling for. This is not because they are not attractive or polite, but you just don't connect. You must remember this when you are the one that gets no response from an intended.
The fact remains Love is a bio-chemical reaction. Many levels of triggers operate in this reaction. The ability to fully study this is here, yet the understanding of how to study it is hard to see for most.
Regardless, it hurts when you fall in Love. It hurts more when you feel your feelings are not returned. Once you know the basic item, not all love will be returned, you should begin to lessen the hurt. The hardest part is when you begin to do things to show your level of Love and commitment to your intended. When this is ignored or refused, you feel used. This is a denial factor.
Accept responsibility for your own actions. Do not place the responsibility upon others.
One of the hardest things to do is to accept the end of a relationship. Often, one has the greatest trouble in dealing with the fact that one was lied to, or betrayed. Another reason is the one you thought you were in Love with was never in Love with you. They merely used your Love to gain security or material possessions. Therefore leaving you in denial of being used, or feeling stupid for giving freely. The first thing you must do is take charge of your self-esteem. Open your eyes and realize that not all people have strong moral fiber. This is one reason why we tend to limit our search for Love to a closed environment. The fact remains that there are those that use these closed environments to prey upon victims in search of meaning and Love in their life.
This being said, one must always take the time to explore the life of the person they are seeking to become involved with before allowing him or her selves to be swept away in Love. If the one you are seeking is true, they will offer no pressure for quick decisions. As for the act of sex, this is a personal decision that you alone are responsible for. You cannot blame another for your choice to engage in sex with them when you are not sure of their level of commitment with you. Others will lie to gain access to the simple primal pleasure of sex.
Yet, in many cases, sex is never an issue. This will not stop the feelings of being used when you give from the heart, only to learn the one you give too hasn't the ability to offer Love to anyone.

Thank you for your interest and may god protect you.
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