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MantisThis is the Mantis Society's Philosophy section. This is an independent understanding of god unassociated with an other religion.

His Eminence, Mantis, has been teaching his understanding of god since 1980. He has dealt with people from all walks of life, as his teachings discuss.
It is our hope that these words will help you understand yourself and the world around you. The messages will gain more detail as Mantis finds the need for further explanation of a topic.
Please use these links and pass on the wisdom to others.

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Nudism is the greatest show of respect to god that we can have! It is not as simple as taking off your clothes. It is a union of body, soul and world! You must become one with the Universe!
It is shown in research that nudist carry higher values of self-esteem. This is because they have joined with the greater good!
Through meditation you will learn that the body can do incredible things. The Realm does allocate the use of certain psychedelic, natural drugs as the gift of god to assist us in our search for truth!
Ask questions about your world; don't be afraid to take a chance. This is your life don't waste it! The commitment of one who understands their place in this world, and the mutual responsibility we have toward it, is to the future. This can only be accomplished when one has compassion for their neighbors. These neighbors are not just humans, but all life. In this line of thought, we shall endeavor to add some cultural connections to this group.
Anyone can get undressed, that does not make him, or her, a Nudist! From the history of Nudism we see a commitment to health and environment. Then America got involved and it became a sex thing. Sex is great; I love it with the right partner. Sex is not a sin, done within the context of Love and responsibility. Back to the point, Nature, the water you drink, even the expensive bottled water, is polluted. The air you breathe (and few can buy cleaned) is polluted. The soil you grow from is polluted. Now, this sounds ominous, but it is repairable, for now. You must standup for your rights. Spend your money on products that are responsible, from countries that are responsible. Fight those that are trying to kill you; it's your right!
Thank you for your interest and may god protect you.
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