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In all lives one must take time to have pleasure. Here are reviews written by his Eminence for your pleasure.
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DaredevilDaredevil The Movie

This movie came off with few kinks, except Jennifer Garner and some of the Direction, this is a very good movie.
I doubt that anyone will notice how stupid Jen looks in this role, they will be too mezmerized by her daring clothes. This is not for nothing. I don't say this for not, I had the opportunity to see Jen in person last fall, and she is that stupid! The fact that she can't act her way out of a paper bag is a minor point. The expressions on her face during the critical scenes give away her fear of being discovered as a fraud. I my opiion they would have been better off with Liv Tyler or Alyssa Milano.
Meawhile, back at the action, Ben gives a performance only limited by the Directors ego in attempting to make magic he doesn't understand. He carries the role of a cocky, whitebread, go-gooder to the tee. He is well suited to the role. I don't mean this in an insulting fashion, he is very good in the role.
As for the visuals, well they are stunning. They may not always have the full body of proper perspective, but they go so well you don't care.
While the Box Office may tell one story, the truth is, the audience is pulled-in by flash and grab tactics.

Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy yourself here.
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