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In all lives one must take time to have pleasure. Here are reviews written by his Eminence for your pleasure.
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American WeddingAmerican Wedding

This is a real yuckfest!
I was a little disappointed, like with most movies, that by the time you see the movie all the best parts have been shown in the commercials, but this does have more than 30 seconds of laughs. I will admit that the movie has some unexpected moments and a few predictable scenes. Stifler is overdrawn at times, which is unfortunate.
Overall though, this is a very good movie except for the lack of nudity. I gather this is to show the advancing maturity of the boys as they finish college, but there is more to life than work and bills! If not for any other reason we need the classic relief of gratuitous sex and nudity. To state that the physical aspect of Love is climaxed at the cerimony is a defeating thought. Yet, Jim and Michelle save the moment when they let us know that the future is going to be filled with fireworks.
Yes, I foresee a fourth installment, complete with children and mischief.
Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy yourself here.
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