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In all lives one must take time to have pleasure. Here are reviews written by his Eminence for your pleasure.
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Bad Boys 2Bad Boys 2

How do I start? Fabulous explosions! Killer corpses! Shitty Cinematography!
This production carries a great story line into the ground with really bad filming. As for the acting, well Will is at his usual par, but unlike the first installment, Martin's ego gets its way for just the wrong reason.
I have never liked Martins overt self-aggrandizing showboating. I will admit it goes virtually unnoticed within all of the explosions, but it is noticeable.
Back to the quality of production: I think the idea was to make the action seem more real by following closely with small cameras. The effect was anything but pleasing. It becomes distracting in many scenes. Some of the shots that should have been wider angles were lost in very tight shots.
As for the flow of the movie it was timed and paced. I still see a third installment if Will can get a little more control over Martin. Overall, I would recommend waiting for the DVD release of this production and hope for a greatly improved third installment!

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