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Welcome to Charlie Farren on Season 5 of On Stage with Mantis Facebook Fan Page Feb 6th, 2014.

  • Charlie Farren - Vocals and Guitar
  • Charlie FARREN has long been known for great songs, great singing, and for outstanding live solo acoustic performances. Alone onstage with acoustic guitar in hand, Charlie captures an audience with his unique delivery, insightful lyrics, memorable songs, soaring vocal, and subtle yet innovative guitar style. It wasn't always quite so subtle, as Charlie formed this original self-taught style with a history of successful, hard-crunching rock bands throughout the 1980s.

    Charlie FARREN emerged onto the national scene in the early '80s as lead singer and guitarist with THE JOE PERRY PROJECT. In that band Charlie established himself as one of the hottest young singers to emerge from the Boston music scene, writing the hits 'Listen To The Rock' and 'East Coast, West CoastEand 'I've Got The Rock And Rolls Again'.

    In 1986 Charlie, along with Dave Hull (Joe Perry Project) and John Muzzy, formed FARRENHEIT and released a self-titled debut album on Warner Brothers. Three singles from that album, 'Fool in Love', 'Bad Habit', and 'Lost in Loveland', as well as video exposure on MTV, established FARRENHEIT as one of the premier new rock acts and receiving awards, media attention and new fans across the country.

    Released in 1999, 'Deja Blue' established the Farren brand in earnest, this through masterful songwriting, soulful vocals and keen instincts for musical re-invention. Charlie subsequently released ‘World Gone WildE ‘Four Letter WordE and ‘Live at Club PassimEas a solo artist, along with a new live FARRENHEIT CD ‘FARRENHEIT Live at The Roxy EBoston MAE

    In 2008 Farren released a DVD and CD double set, ‘CHARLIE FARREN: Retrospective ELive at The Regent TheatreE that is a tour-de-force and exhibits sophistication and musical depth most recording artists never achieve. Inspired electric and what is now Farren’s trademark acoustic/jazz and chart topping easy listening/pop performances on the DVD set abound, but it's that exquisitely soulful voice which confirms Charlie Farren as one of the world's most easily identifiable and gifted singer/ songwriters.

    Next he teamed with longtime friend and collaborator, Jon Butcher in a project called FARREN BUTCHER, INC. Charlie most recently produced their debut CD, 'FBI' on Charlie's FMan Media label. FBI features a potent mix of Jon's and Charlie's styles and even includes some re-writes of their past hits. NEW MAN, and EAST COAST/ WEST COAST.

    Charlies new CD, TUESDAY is his best work to date, featuring A song that was written but never released by longtime friend, The late Brad Delp, powerhouse vocalist for the legendary band BOSTON. “Brad and I were judging a songwriting contest for friend and popular DJ Lisa Garvey. Afterward we sat in his car and he played me a song he was working on. I instantly loved it, as it reminded me of The BeatlesE‘YesterdayE I contacted his family for permission to cover the song, and they were enthusiastic and supportive. Producer Anthony J. Resta worked with a raw guitar and vocal I recorded and really brought it to life.E/p>

    Charlie is excited to be performing solo again. “It really gives me a chance to play more songs from my catalog EI’ve missed that.E/p>

    'Charlie is contagious, displaying a candor rarely demonstrated by former arena rock stars. It's clear he has not lost the ability to captivate a room full of people no matter what the size.' writes Tom Dempsey of SoundCheck magazine. His live solo performances remain the perfect forum for his remarkable talents. Charlie continues to be one of America's most original and compelling musical artists. He takes the stage alone, and leaves the stage with a roomful of new believers.

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