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On Stage with Mantis


We will have wrapped our fifth season with Bostons Best Live Indie Music!

This was a diverse season of Top Talent showcasing Boston as a Beacon of Indie Music!

Please visit our OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE link: OSwM Store

Season 5 line-up:

New shows began Feb 6th, 2014: around the World at these local times based on the schedule below:

  • London - 3am Fridays | 4am Sundays
  • Boston - 10pm Thursdays | 11pm Saturdays
  • Los Angeles - 7pm Thursdays | 8pm Saturdays
  • Hawaii - 4pm Thursdays | 5pm Saturdays
  • Melbourne - 12n Fridays | 1pm Sundays
  • Tokyo - 11am Fridays | 12n Sundays
  • Jakarta - 9am Fridays | 10am Sundays
  • Cape Town - 4am Fridays | 5am Sundays

Date US 10pmET BAND (click on bands names to view their show)
Feb 6th Charlie Farren Charlie Farren - Season Premiere! Now ON-DEMAND
Feb 20th Andy Pratt Andy Pratt Now ON-DEMAND
Feb 27th Henley Douglas Rhythm n Blues Henley Douglas Rhythm n Blues Now ON-DEMAND
March 13th Joe Hart Band Joe Hart Band Now ON-DEMAND
March 20th Axemunkee Axemunkee Now ON-DEMAND
March 27th Mindset X Mindset X Now ON-DEMAND
April 3rd Chin Strap Chin Strap Now ON-DEMAND
April 24th Big Ol Dirty Bucket Big Ol' Dirty Bucket Interview Only ON-DEMAND
May 1st Rosemary's Baby Blues Rosemary's Baby Blues Now ON-DEMAND
May 8th John Fannon John Fannon Now ON-DEMAND
May 15th Siobhan Magnus ElcoDrive f/Siobhan Magnus Series Finale - Now ON-DEMAND
Special Holiday Show
Dec 18th Grace Morrison Grace Morrison and Student Showcase

...other links will be coming.

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