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Welcome to TSUNAMI OF SOUND on Season 4 of On Stage with Mantis Facebook Fan Page July 19th, 2012.

  • David Esposito - guitar
  • Jamie Huggins - bass
  • Rick Sanger - drums
  • Bob Damiano - guitar/keyboards
  • TSUNAMI OF SOUND plays Huge surf-inspired instrumentals that will make your head shake and your feet move. The music we create is inspired by the Ventures, Los Straitjackets, Link Wray, the Fathoms, Laika and the Cosmonauts and all instrumental music.

    David has been playing guitar since the age of 13 and was influenced by the 1960's British Invasion and instrumental sounds. He has always wanted to start an instrumental project and start recording and playing surf-beat sounds. David is a founding member of Tsunami Of Sound and brings his love of guitars and all things instrumental to the band. After playing classic rock and covers for many years, the all instrumental band is a new direction and he's proud to be playing with the guys in Tsunami.

    Rick has surf music in his DNA. After all, he claims he's drummed Wipe Out over 3000 times with various bands through the years. At least it seems that way! It's evident playing drums with Tsunami of Sound was his calling. As a founding member along with David and Jamie playing to appreciative audiences has been a dream. Now with the newest squid Bob Damiano in TOS the music has reached new heights.There's no stopping these squids!!
    Rick's been playing drums since a teen, inspired by Ringo, Keith Moon and Buddy Rich. His animated and sometimes dramatic style is attributed by the music he's drumming behind. Rick is having an out of body (or is it auto body) experience playing the wild surf beats of Tsunami of Sound. He's levitating!!
    Since the inception of TOS in 2008 Rick enjoys the comraderie of fellow surf bands, surf fans and everyone who digs what Tsunami of Sound is doing.

    Jaime Huggins says,"I am a semi-retired professional dancer (ballet, modern and jazz), and have been playing bass with The Time Flies, a rock cover band for 5 years. Rick always talked about starting a surf band and eventually introduced me to his long time friend David and Tsunami Of Sound was born. Now Bob has joined Tsunami and he makes the big wave of sound even huger! I'm extremely grateful for these incredible musicians who have taken me under their wings, taught me a tremendous amount about music and given me a new creative outlet. And, thanks to my beautiful wife and dance partner for all her love and encouragement!"

    Bob Damiano has been playing guitar since age 13. Early on, he also became fascinated with recording and audio technology, and later computer science. Songwriting, production, engineering, performing became what life was all about. It was a natural progression to ultimately end up as a Principle Software Engineer at Cakewalk working on their flagship recording and mixing products. Bob has had a studio in one form or another since he could afford his very own TEAC 4-track recorder back in the day.
    Bob originally became connected with the Tsunami of Sound when he recorded them in his project studio (RockScience). "I thought they had a HUGE sound as a trio. It was fun to add some additional parts during the recordings. We all saw the potential. Playing with Tsunami live is definitely the biggest sounding thing I've ever been part of. It's a blast!"

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