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Here is a horror story written by his Eminence for your pleasure.
WARNING: This is extremely graphic!
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Method of Mayhem

A profile of a psychopath

"How would you like to die?", he asked, "slowly or painfully?"

The room was stark, with only that which was essential for the objective. There was no window or vents, just one thick, heavy oak door in the center of the far wall. In the wall to the right of the door was a fireplace. Along the wall to the left was a rack of shelves filled with one gallon jugs of some clear liquid.
In the center of the room was a wheeled cart, about 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide by 30 inches high. It had several rows of drawers opening on one side. On top was a pair of leather work gloves, a Zippo lighter, a few large beakers, a box of latex gloves and a 12 inch cast iron frying pan. Directly beneath the cart was an 8 inch round grate in the floor.
On the back wall hangs a young woman. With the exception of bandages covering her eyes and the gag in her mouth she was naked. Extending from the cement wall were four steel chains which held her suspended against the wall.
One chain fit around her pelvis like a g-string, two held her arms extended to either side of her, parallel with the floor and the fourth was wrapped around her neck. All were tighter than snug, barely allowing any movement in her torso. Her feet dangled inches above the floor.

She had been hanging there for what seemed like days, undisturbed. Urine and feces were dried in streaks down the insides of her legs forming gooey, semi-solid mounds beneath her feet.
His return seemed like a dream to her until his question, obviously rhetorical, pulled her back to the cold reality of the situation. She had no idea how long she had been there, or where there was, just that the thought of death was suddenly very welcome. gYou have delicious looking feet.", he said as he stared at her filthy feet. He stood still with both hands pressed gently on top of the utility cart. He was totally hairless and naked; not even eyebrows, which would have seemed curious to her if she could see his emotionless face.
His eyes never left her feet as he opened a drawer on the cart. It contained a short length of rope, about 3 feet long with loops woven into each end. He opened a second drawer that contained a 1 inch diameter dowel about a foot long. He removed a pair of latex gloves and put them on.
He removed the dowel and placed it on top of the cart. He grasped the rope then, stepping around the cart, walked to her as she hung against the wall. He knelt down at her feet, his eyes still fixed on her dangling, filthy feet.
With his free right hand he reached out and gently caressed her left foot. Suddenly he snapped out of his spellbound state and looked her up and down as he stretched the rope between both of his hands. As he pushed his left hand between her ankles he looped the rope below her left foot and up behind her left ankle with his right hand.
Muffled whimpers told him she was still conscious. He pulled the rope up to the top of her thigh, and then brought the ends together in front of her easing it snug to her crotch. Carefully he made sure there was no pubic hair caught between the ropes and her skin. He held the looped ends together with his right hand and tucked them into the chain at her waist. He stepped back to the cart and grabbed the dowel and returned to her. He took the ends of the rope and then slid the dowel through the loops in the rope.
Holding the dowel in his left hand, the loops between his index and middle fingers, he ran his right hand along the rope from the dowel down to her thigh, around the back making sure it was snug to the flesh and below her small, round buttocks. Then he checked the inside to make sure it didnft pinch her anus or vulva. Once he was certain the position was correct he began to turn the dowel clockwise, exchanging hands each half turn until it tightened deep enough into her thigh to completely cut-off all circulation in her left leg. Then he gave a gentle tug upwards against her pelvis and tucked the left end of the dowel under the piece of chain that ran through her crotch and the right end under the chain around her waist. Her muffled groans became audible as he finished.
He stepped back as he watched her leg turn blue. He turned and walked around to the front of the cart. He closed the two, now empty, drawers. He picked up the Zippo as he turned and walked toward the fireplace. As he got to the fireplace he bent down, snapped the lighter against his hip, lighting it, then reached forward and ignited the crumpled newspaper beneath the pre-arranged pieces of wood. He sat back as he watched the pile catch on fire. As the fireplace illuminated it revealed a cast iron framework used for holding pots and pans. In the light of the fire his naked, hairless form glistened eerily. His slender body was tone, but his skin was pallid grey. In the dim light of the flickering flame he appeared almost ghostlike.
After a few minutes he stood up again and walked back to the front of the cart. He opened the top drawer which occupied the entire top row. The left half was scalpels, the right half was hemostats. He took one scalpel from the drawer.
He walked over to her. He squatted down in front of her and grasped her left ankle with his left hand. She did not make a sound. With his right hand he placed the tip of the scalpel against the tip of the little toe just below the nail and made the initial incision along the nail line, then up the outside of the nail and around until he made a full loop cutting deep through the flesh. He moved across the foot repeating this action on each toe, and then he stood up and stepped over to the cart placing the used scalpel in the waste basket built into the bottom row of drawers. He takes a fresh scalpel from the top drawer.
He steps back to her and as he squats down she begins to urinate. Her urine sprays out in all directions as it contends with the chain and compressed flesh of her groin, spritzing him on the face and shoulders. He sits emotionless during this, except for the blinking of his lash less eyelids. Small drops of urine run down his face. After she stops, he again, takes her left foot in his left hand. He brings the scalpel tip to the corner of the incision on the inside back of the small toe nail. He presses the scalpel in the incision on the side of the nail facing toward the foot; following the line of the foot pad and the top of the foot he cuts a line connecting the two toe nail boxes, corner to corner. He repeats this action three more times making a line connecting all five toes.
Next he starts at the outside corner of the small toe nail and cuts a line along the top of the foot pad back the length of the foot, around the ankle and out to the outside corner of the big toe nail. He carefully inspects all of the cuts to make sure they are completely through the skin.
Beginning at the heel he begins pulling the pad skin away and down, cutting at membrane holding it along the way, across the bottom of the foot and then stopping, leaving the flesh to dangle from the base of the toes. He puts the scalpel down. Slowly he begins working the skin down over the tips of the toes, beginning, once again, with the small one. When the skin is left only attached along the base line between the toes and foot he firmly grasps the hanging flesh in his right hand and with one hard snap of the wrist rips it off sending a splattering of blood spraying across his lap and thighs and causing a jolt to shutter through her limp body as a loud whimper comes from deep within her throat.
He picks up the scalpel from the floor, stands up and walks to the front of the cart. He puts the scalpel in the waste basket, and then he takes one of the beakers in his left hand. As he turns toward the shelves he places the removed foot pad into the beaker. He stops. Turning back towards the cart he places the beaker on top of it then he removes his soiled gloves and throws them in the waste basket. He takes a fresh pair from the box and puts them on. He then picks up the beaker and turns, again, towards the shelves.
As he goes to the shelves he swooshes the beaker side to side making the pile of flesh settle down into it. Once at the shelves he takes a bottle from the left end of the third shelf down from the top of the six shelf rack. The bottles are two deep and ten wide filling the shelf with about an inch between the bottles. He carries the beaker and bottle back to the cart. He puts the beaker on the center of the cart top and removes the cap. He pours about an ounce of the clear liquid into the beaker and the flesh begins to sizzle and burn where it hits, sending a thin trail of smoke drifting up out of the beaker.
The fire crackled loudly as the wood settled sending embers spiraling up the chimney.
Blood, sulfur and fire mixed aromas with the sweat, feces and urine as he poured more sulfuric acid into the beaker. He stopped at eight ounces. He placed the beaker on the cart top.
As he twisted the top back on the bottle he noticed a drop of sweat gathering at the tip of her right nipple, her shallow breath causing her pert, petite breast to move ever so slightly. The dancing flames of the fire made the droplet sparkle softly. Then, with the slightest nudge, the droplet let go of its tender perch and fell to the putrid waste below.
He sets the bottle on the floor by the right side of the cart, and then picks up another scalpel from the top drawer. He watches the beaker of acid as the last of the flesh burns away.
Walking back to her he grasps her left leg by the back of the ankle, lifting her foot to the height of his waist. He slides his hand up her calf and stops at the base of its gentle bulge. Blood drips lightly from her exposed sole.
He places the tip of the scalpel about an inch above her ankle bone on the outside of her leg and cuts a deep line around it. Then, following her Achilles tendon, he cuts from the line down to where her pad was removed. He begins peeling the flesh from around her ankle and foot, cutting away membrane as he goes. As the last piece comes loose from the top of her big toe he releases her leg letting it slam into the wall splattering blood furiously as it bounces a couple of times before settling into its accustomed dangle. A long grunt and groan radiates from her muffled mouth as her skinless heel pounds into the wall.
He turns with the dripping flesh and scalpel in his right hand as he steps toward the back of the cart. He picks up the beaker of acid with his left hand and holds it over the floor as he puts the piece of skin into it with a small splash. He places the beaker back on the cart and returns to her.
Once again he takes her ankle in his left hand and lifts it into the air. He runs his right index finger up the line of her calf to the indentation at the back of her knee. He moves his finger slightly away as he manipulates the blade into place about an inch below the indentation. He inserts the tip of the blade and cuts a line around the leg. When he finishes he squats down, keeping the leg held out, and eyes the line down her calf, then he cuts into the top of her calf and down, like the line of a stocking, to her ankle. He double checked both lines, making sure they are completely through the skin, then lowers the leg to its hanging position and with both hands begins removing the flesh, pulling and cutting along the way.
When he finishes he stands up holding the skin in the air by the top corners, opened wide, while he studies it. He glances over to the exposed shin and foot and turns toward the cart. He goes to the cart letting go of the skin with his left hand as he goes. When he gets to the cart he picks up an empty beaker and places it on the floor with his left hand. He places his left hand along the top of the piece of flesh about center, pinching a piece between his thumb and ring finger to the left of center, and his index and middle fingers to hold the right half. With his right hand he pulls the skin tight between the two sets of fingers and then moving the scalpel into cutting position in his right hand, slices the flesh in half down the center. He places half of the skin in the beaker on the floor and the other half in the used beaker on the cart which he then places on the floor.
He steps around to the front of the cart to dispose of the scalpel and gloves and then put on a fresh pair of gloves. As he goes back to the beakers he grabs the bottle from the floor and removes the top pouring acid over both pieces of flesh. A stench of burning flesh and a touch of hair mixed with sulfur filled the air. As he watched both beakers bubble and sizzle she begins to gag and snort on the burning smell.
A loud snap and pop from the fire take his attention as the wood settles again.
When both beakers have absorbed their flesh he twists the top back on the bottle and puts it back by the side of the cart. Then he grasps the handle of the cart and pushes it slowly and carefully exposing the grate below it fully. Once he is sure it will stay in place he lets go and returns to the two beakers picking them up and pouring them both down the drain. He then places the beakers on the top of the cart and moves it back over the grate.
He goes to the front of the cart and takes a scalpel from the top drawer, returns to her dangling body studying her left thigh for a moment. As he grasps her left calf with his left hand he begins to cut a line around her leg just above the knee cap. When that cut is complete he makes four more cuts around the thigh evenly spaced, the top cut an inch and a half below the turnicut. He then lifts her leg to expose the back of the thigh and makes his last cut down the center of the back of the thigh, connecting the top line to the bottom edge of flesh behind the knee. As he begins removing the four strips of flesh she begins a low, constant moan as her body sways slightly back and forth from the tugging as he pulls and cuts the flesh. A small spray of urine squeezes out between her flesh and the chain.
He places each piece of flesh in a separate beaker on top of the cart as he removes them. When he removes the final piece and places it in its beaker he disposes of the scalpel and gloves and puts on a fresh pair of gloves. He takes the bottle of acid from the floor removing the cap and pours equal amounts of the remaining acid into each of the four beakers. He caps the empty bottle and puts it on the floor. While the skin dissolves in each of the beakers he closes the top drawer of the cart and opens the one below it which contains a hacksaw and a stack of replacement blades. He removes the hacksaw and approaches her. He squats in front of her, following the blood lines of her exposed muscles with his eyes. The limb hangs dying and numb. The hacksaw dangles from his left index finger. Snap goes the fire loudly. It draws his attention from her. He stands up and walks to the cart resting the saw on its shelf. He puts the left work glove on over his latex glove and walks to the dimly lit corner between the fireplace and the door. To the left of the fireplace there is a large poker and tongs. He takes the tongs with his left hand fingers sliding through the handle loops and picks up a piece of wood from the floor. He grabs the poker with his right hand and goes to the fire. He rustles the logs and embers about creating a bed to lay the fresh log into with the poker, laying the log in place when he is satisfied with his work. He waits as the flames wrap around their prey and creep into its fibers. He returns the tools to their positions against the wall and goes to the cart where he picks up the cast iron pan and carries it to the fireplace resting it on the frame above the fire.
He returns to the cart to retrieve the saw as he continues on to her side. He grabs her left calf with his right hand and lifts it to the height of his waist as he lines the saw blade up across the bottom of her leg in the faint line in the muscle he made when he cut through the flesh just above her ankle.
The first push bit into the bone sending vibrations up her leg and through her entire body. The sound of the metal teeth digging into the bone echoed softly in the small cement room. The pungent aroma of raw meat, blood and sweat swam through the air above the stench of urine and feces the heat from the fire cooking the different scents into one new, thick air of morbid debauchery deepened by her now constant whimpers.
The sharp teeth of the saw and the strong firm rhythmic motion of his left arm made quick time of her slender ankle. The splatter of blood created ominous patterns on everything they touched. As her foot dangled by her Achilles tendon he snapped up, releasing her shin and grabbing her foot by the toes as it swung up then pushed the saw forward to finish separating her and her foot. Her leg slammed down against the wall with a dull thud.
He carried the foot to the fireplace and placed it into the frying pan with a loud sizzle. The deep rich smell of searing meat overtook the room as she fell silent.
He returned to her side and firmly grasped her by the upper calf with his right hand, lifting her leg and placing the blade across the mid point of her shin. He quickly cut through her leg, leaving it attached by a few threads of muscle. He lowered the leg as he squatted in front of her moving his hand to catch the bottom of her leg as the saw sliced the last piece of stretched muscle.
He used her left hand like a tool rack as he hung the bow of the saw around her wrist. Carrying the chunk of leg he went back to the fireplace. He grasped the tongs in his left hand and used them to turn the foot over in the frying pan. He placed the piece of leg next to it and used the tongs to maneuver them into the pan together. The sole was a rich glistening brown.
Once he was satisfied with the pieces in the pan he put the tongs back against the wall. He went to the cart and shook the work glove gently onto the top of the cart, and then peeled off the latex gloves and put them in the waste basket. He put on a fresh pair of gloves and then slid the saws drawer closed. Gently he pushed the cart away from the grate and emptied the five beakers into it. Once finished he returned the beakers to the top of the cart and put it back over the grate.
He slid the third drawer open and removed a serrated blade, walked back to her and squatted down. Carefully he began cutting the left knee cap loose. Using the side of the blade he slid the knife under the knee cap and popped it out. He turned and brought it back to the cart and placed it in an empty beaker. He set the knife on the floor behind the cart and removes his gloves throwing them into the trash.
He puts on clean gloves and walks to the shelves taking the bottle on the back left side of the third shelf and walks back to the cart. He puts the beaker with the knee cap in it next to the knife on the floor opens the bottle of acid and pours it into the beaker until it is half full. He recaps the bottle and sets it down next to the empty one on the side of the cart.
The foot and shin sizzle in the pan, filling the room with the smell of frying meat. He walks to the fireplace and grabs the tongs using them to turn the two parts making sure they cook evenly. He puts the tongs back and walks to the cart picks up the left work glove and puts it on as he returns to her. He slides the saw off her hand and squats in front of her. With his right hand he gets a good firm grip of her thigh just above the knee and lines the saw blade across the center of the exposed joint of her knee with his left hand. She begins to moan again as he draws the blade across the joint. The blade catches and drags after a few strokes and he stops cutting, removes the saw from the joint, stands up and walks to the cart. As he gets to the cart he begins loosening the wing nut that holds the blade tight. He shakes his work glove off over the center of the cart and opens the second drawer. As he grasps the handle with his left hand he unhooks the blade from the saw with his right. He puts the dull blade in the trash and takes a new one out of the drawer, hooking it into place and tightening the wing nut in one seamless motion.
He puts the work glove back on and returns to the leg squatting down and grasping the thigh he begins cutting through the knee again. The new blade makes quick work of the knee joint and the chunk of leg falls into the pile of feces and rolls over once. He begins to line the saw up in the line of the bottom cut across the thigh and pushes the saw cutting deep through the muscle. He continues working through the thigh cutting at each of the lines made when removing the skin, changing the blade on the beginnings of the second and forth cuts.
He hangs the saw back over her hand and walks back to the cart, shaking off the work glove and removing the latex gloves throwing them into the trash. He puts on fresh gloves and goes to the fireplace grabbing the tongs as he gets there. First he stirs the fire then he turns the leg and foot in the frying pan. They are a little burnt on one side now. He walks to the left and picks up a log from the corner bringing it back and placing it in the fire. When the log is in place he puts the tongs back and squats down watching as another log is engulfed by the flames.
The glowing embers and trails of steam and smoke from the frying pan twist together as they gingerly waft up the flue and vanish silently into the chimney. The hiss and snap of the fire sing in harmony with the sizzle and pop of the frying adding a dark jazz to underscore the scene.
A low moan brings him out of his revelry. He glances over his right shoulder to see her body slightly twisted as it hangs against the wall from the loss of weight which had been her leg. She is struggling to twist her right foot as though searching for the left one. A depressing groan emanates from her throat as her right leg makes one desperate swing in search of the left. Finally motionless again she falls silent. He looks at the six chunks of bloody leg lying in the pile of feces then back at the fire. He stands up grasping the tongs and removes the foot from the frying pan placing it on the floor to the right of the fireplace then he removes the lower shin and puts it next to the foot. He walks to the pile of leg pieces beneath her and picks up the upper calf with the tongs and carries it to the fire, placing it in the pan. It sizzles loudly. He walks back and gets the upper knee and takes it to the pan, squeezing it in with its lower half.
On the bar above the frying pan hang a half dozen iron gS?Eshaped hooks with a sharp point on one end. He takes one off the bar with the tongs and carries it to the pieces of thigh. He puts the hook down next to the pile and returns three more times to the fireplace to get the three other hooks he will need. He then lays the tongs down next to the cart and picks up the work glove and puts it on. In turn he pushes each hook into a piece of thigh. When he finishes he carries each piece to the fireplace and hangs them on the bar above the pan moving them to the right as he does so until all four pieces hang over the flames.
He begins the entire process step by step on the right leg replacing the pieces cooking with the new pieces as they become available.
When finished he goes back to the cart and opens the top drawer removing a scalpel and walks back to her, pausing for a moment then sticks the scalpel into the skin just below the center of her ribcage and cuts straight down her abdomen to her bellybutton, almost before she could feel it. As he pulls the scalpel from her belly she begins to buck against her restraints in futility. All she could do was expand and contract her belly as her struggled breaths quickened frantically. The slit down her front opened and closed with each breath while deep muffled screams came from her throat.
He places the palm of his left hand between her sweat covered breasts making a line between his index finger and thumb along the bottom rib of her left side. He pressed against her chest hard enough to force the air out of her lungs and through her nose with a loud snort. She was now crying and trying to scream as he inserted the blade at the top of the incision and cut a deep line along the lower edge of her ribcage to the point where it joins the back. He then moves his left hand back under her firm right breast and slices along the bottom of her ribcage mirroring the other.
As he removes his hand from her breast she inhales deeply with a whining wince. He begins peeling back the flaps of skin from her upper abdomen as she became quiet, unconscious once again. He makes a slice down her left side from the bottom of her ribs to the top of the chain wrapped around her waist. He makes the same cut down her right side. He peels back both flaps of flesh down to the waist leaving them hanging over the chain then goes to the cart to exchange his used scalpel for a new one and grabs six hemostats from the right side of the drawer. He returns to her and quickly clamps the six hemostats randomly along the outer edge of skin hanging over her left hip. He inserts the blade into the top of her abdomen muscle cutting across the bottom line of the ribs until it begins to contract toward her belly button. He cuts down either side pulling the muscle down as he finishes the vertical cuts.
Her heart beats faintly in her exposed chest cavity. He slices across the base of her hanging muscle just above the belly button. He removes the piece of meat and drops it to the floor. He takes a clamp from the hanging skin and clamps it across the bottom of her esophagus. He takes her stomach in his right hand and slices it free just below the clamp. He works out her small intestine inch by inch stretching it out as he extends his right hand behind himself to its full length letting go and grasping another length from her belly until it is all laid out on the floor and up to its connection to the lower intestine. He cuts them apart and drops the leaking end of the small intestine to his feet. He clamps the opening of the lower intestine closed.
He reaches in and wraps his right hand around her uterus. He sticks the scalpel into her right breast and clamps off the blood vessels attached to her reproductive system then retrieving the scalpel he severs the blood vessels. He moves his right hand up along her left fallopian tube and cuts it free then does the same for the right one. He slides his hand down over her uterus to her vagina as it peeks above the pelvic bone. He cuts the top of the vagina just below the cervix and removes the reproductive organs, dropping them onto the intestines on the floor.
Her heart beat slowed to a shallow beat. He returned to the cart and got six more clamps. He attached them to the blood vessels connected to the liver and bladder and the other two to the hanging skin. He cut out each of those organs and dropped them to the floor.
Her heart stopped as her head fell down limp over her neck chain. He stepped back and removed his work gloves. He walked back to the front of the cart his feet squishing over the intestines as he went. He throws the gloves away and gets a fresh pair. From the left side of the cart he takes a small ring of keys from a hook. He goes back to her and begins to undo the locks on the chain around her waist. As he removes the locks the chain falls limp along the wall and she settles down in her neck loop lifting her head in an eerie way. He hangs the locks on the chain.
He reaches down and lifts the tongs and knife from the floor placing the knife on the cart. He walks over and turns the pieces of meat in the pan and places the tongs back along the wall to the left of the fireplace his task complete except for the clean up.

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