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Here are interviews conducted by his Eminence for your pleasure.
Tami Heide | Caroline Waters
Tami HeideTami Heide - 2003 (Tami has since moved on to CBS' Jack-FM in Los Angeles)

Tami Heide is the midday DJ at KROQ-FM here in LA. I knew her casually when she worked at WBCN-FM in Boston during the 80's. We would run into each other at shows.
For more info on Tami Heide and KROQ go to KROQ-FM
She is very experienced and her show flows with grace. Now lets find out why she is where she is shall we.

Q: Going back in time, when did you first decide this is what you wanted to be?
A: Senior year of High School. English class about the media. I did a mock radio show and got an A for the final grade.
Q: When was the first time you met a rock star you just totally lost it around?
A: Joe Perry from Aerosmith.
Q: Who was the person you most looked forward to meet?
A: Madonna. Haven't met her yet.
Q: During your years in Boston you had a very good time slot on air. You also worked with quite a diverse group of people, DJ's I mean. Since I knew some of them well, I know they must have been difficult to be around. I also know there had to be some really astoundingly hilarious moments at the station or on events. What is the most outrageous thing you remember from those days?
A: Dropping the WBCN van from a crane was pretty fun.
Q: Comparatively, since you have been at KROQ do you have better or worse memories?
A: Well, KROQ is much more recent, so my memories of KROQ days are much fresher!
Q: Now, lets catch up. Could you list the stations you have worked at, and the years at each?
A: WERS (Emerson College radio station), WMBR (MIT's radio station), WBCN and KROQ.
Q: You get to do the flashback lunch at KROQ. What era of music do you most prefer and who are your favorite artists?
A: I like current bands, so my favorites change all the time. I like stuff from all decades. Current things I like a lot are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Jem and the Go Tan Project.
Q: I know this is strange question, but how did you come to be on KROQ?
A: I knew of KROQ from my college radio days, when we were playing things from the Rodney on the 'ROQ compilation albums (Rodney Bingenheimer, the Mayor of the Sunset Strip). I kept visiting one of my college friends who moved to L.A. after graduation, and I just had to move here. The timing worked out, so I was able to transfer to KROQ from WBCN. Best thing I ever did for myself was move here.
You know the weather is MUCH nicer in Southern California than in Massachusetts. I'm just sayin'.
Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A: Oh, I HATE that question. I have no idea. Everything has always worked out organically for me.
Q: Now lets get personal. You don't have to answer it, but I have to ask for all the men out there! Are you single?
A: Well, I'm not married, but the man I live with thinks I am!
Q: The last question. If you were President what would be the single greatest thing you would try to do for the world?
A: Well, I would relieve the world of President Bush, and that would be a great start! He is the worst EVER! I can't wait to vote him out of office in November!

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