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MantisHis Eminence, Mantis, brings you this site, which he personally designed and built, to assist in your intellectual and spiritual development. Use the links to view our continually growing, fully operational, prototype web site.
We add approximately 80 pages per week to the overall content of this site through our Blog. It is a free access site with no spam email content. All content is personally approved by Mantis.

The Mantis Society contains our Philosophy and Entertainment sections.
The Mantis Society Study Center is our Educational Charity. It covers our Political Expression, Health and Human Services and Aerospace Research sections.


The faith of our religion is basically a belief that all religions from the dawn of humanity have come from one identical root. Within this context, the variations which exist between the present faiths of God are present through millennia of individuals who have had the self-serving need to express those beliefs which support their own personal life philosophy, or those which have been deemed moral variations from their predecessors.
From this thought we come upon the fact that each successive religion has dropped or added components of the preceding faiths, which garner them greater "moral" strength from "their God". In this vein we have the ability to understand how a great deal of diversity and seemingly incongruent ideologies exist from the original base ideal. This is as effortless to comprehend as the actuality that all the different races evolved from the same basic ancestor.
As we delve into different subjects over time you shall see components that support differing faiths. Some of the more eclectic factors that exist within this philosophy, such as trans-dimensional realities and reincarnation, shall carry explanations that do not align with preexisting explanations. This will often occur because our present scientific knowledge will replace the mysticism of history.
Now that the basic background of this site has been laid out we can go on to the archives and new subjects through our email group.
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